Tuesday, April 7, 2015

emerald coast treasure hunting

after a long weekend in florida, we're back to reality today. I'm still reminiscing on easter weekend, taking a few days off work (and actually not working) was much-needed. spending time with family and relaxing was perfect. the weather was nice and we ventured to the beach a few times. one morning started out a little dreary and since my parents are still doing some beach house decorating, my mom, sister, and I set out to do some treasure hunting.

rainy days at the beach are perfect shopping days, especially when we head to our favorite consignment shops over in panama city beach. whether we're hunting for beachy furniture, huge ornate shells, or decorative items that go home with me to the city, we could spend hours perusing the shelves for treasures.


 both the coastal cottage emporium and the beach house are nondescript storefronts in strip malls on the side of highway 98. don't be deceived - inside, there's an abundance of eclectic, beautiful items!

overflowing with decorative, colorful outdoor pillows! almost too hard to choose.

take your pick between tons of decorative shell pieces! from chandeliers, to frames, pomander balls, vases and lamps. you can bet that there's a shell encrusted version of whatever you fancy.

it's easy to be overwhelmed at first. just take your time and move shop by shop. I usually make another pass since there are so many items to be found!

this trip I found some retro margarita glasses with cactus stems, they totally remind me of my trip to sedona... sitting on a patio drinking prickly pear margaritas in tlaquepaque. I also picked up a really cool, modern driftwood wreath for my apartment. neither of my items were very beachy, but my mom visited 'shell island' at the coastal cottage emporium and stocked up on amazingly large, beautiful shells to add to her shelves.

 it was another successful day of treasure hunting with my mom and sister - and when we returned home, the sky had cleared and the sun was shining. a perfect day of shopping and beaching!

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