Sunday, March 22, 2015

shelf style

this weekend, my mom and I styled over 40 shelves in their new home! I love the challenge of starting with empty shelves and a huge pile of books and other decorative items... putting each item in its place slowly and thoughtfully until all items have a home and come together for a unified, beautiful way to display a collection.

here's some inspiration to get you started on styling gorgeous shelves:

books, lots of books! take the jackets off and group books by color (normal sized books)
for large books, keep the jackets on and stand up straight to make a focal point
book ends
framed photos and artwork
faux flowers in a vase
decorative balls in a bowl
a grouping of two or three small, empty vases
special/relevant items, ex. tea pot from hong kong trip, coral in a beach house, etc
for bottom shelves, a basket with folded blankets makes a nice option

creating beautiful shelf style is all about symmetry. to me, it's about keeping a balance between left, right, and center across all shelves with both 'weight' and color. if you have one shelf with books on the left, make sure to put books on the right side of a shelf below or above. remember that you can move your shelves (if they're not fixed) to create more space between them if they're too crammed.

here are a few photos of the shelves we styled this weekend!

only a few naked shelves left!

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