Sunday, March 29, 2015

roswell beer festival benefitting STAR house

this weekend we celebrated a friend's birthday at the roswell beer festival. beer festivals can be hit or miss and this one happened to be a hit! we rarely had to wait in line to get more beer and there was ample amount of space to congregate even though the event sold out. the best news - all proceeds benefit the STAR house foundation, an organization dedicated to promoting the academic success of at-risk youth in the community.

happy birthday kyle!

there were tons of ice cold beers to sample. one of my favorites was jack's seasonal cider. this cider company has been growing apples for over 50 years - they manage the entire process from growing, pressing, fermenting, to packaging all out of pennsylvania.

a great day to celebrate a birthday. cheers to kyle!

after roaming [and freezing] around the beer festival for hours, we walked over to the salt factory on the downtown strip. it was really crowded but with the help of cocktails, it was worth the wait. I had a bleu cheese burger with mushrooms and caramelized onions, other hits included chicken pot pie, eggrolls, and french fries. delicious way to end a saturday!

the roswell strip - salt factory, alley steaks, roswell provisions

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