Thursday, March 12, 2015

succulent garden transformation

i'm all about reusing, recycling, and refreshing at home. last month, I transformed an outdoor plant shelf into an indoor bar cart. this month, I'm showing you how to transform indoor wall decor into an outdoor succulent garden!

I bought this iron piece ages ago when I graduated college and moved into my first apartment. it originally came with small, clear jars for votive candles. when I moved into my next apartment, I wasn't feeling it anymore but I couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. so for several years, this large piece has been in storage without a purpose.

fast forward- with all the excitement around pallet gardens and succulents, I wanted a vertical garden for my patio. I didn't want to do a typical pallet garden, i'm all about instant gratification and the whole plant-horizontally-and-wait-for-roots-to-grow-before-turning-vertically part about a pallet garden just wasn't an option. so voila! this old indoor piece got a new chance to shine!

what you need:
-I used exactly these clear glass mini pots from joann (thanks, mom for finding!) 
-mini-stone gravel (kind of like this option but mine are all gray), succulents, and soil from your local plant nursery (if you're in atlanta, try garden*hood)
-hot glue gun

follow these steps to transform any indoor piece that features votive candle holders (example 1example 2) into an indoor succulent garden:

1. grab your hot glue gun - cover the entire inside of one clear pot with hot glue (be generous). 

2. layer the mini-stone gravel on top of the hot glue to create a thin layer of gravel while leaving the majority of the pot empty in the center. immediately fill the inside of the pot with soil (fill about 1/3 of the pot), being careful to cover all the hot glue areas. once the pot is lined with glue, gravel, and a thin layer of soil - stuff one succulent into the pot. top the plant with a bit more soil for coverage. this is kind of a difficult step, but you'll get the hang of it!

3. one by one, continue to repeat the glue-gravel-soil-plant pattern until all pots are filled.

4. place the pots in the candle holders and water the succulents lightly. be sure to check in on them to water once in a while. these plants are great for low maintenance but don't forget about them. if you think you may forget about watering - you could also use faux succulents. target has some great options.

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