Saturday, March 14, 2015

repurposing travel freebies

it's all about the bath and body sets! you can find crazy cool brands in hotels all around the world since many hotels source their products locally or from other countries. over the years, I've been bringing some of the best ones home and I now have a considerable stash. one thing's for sure, I haven't had to buy soap or body wash in quite a while since I have so many amazing [and free] options from my travels.

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...and if you're wondering my favorite brand I've found across my travels, it's appelles apothecary from hotel lindrum in melbourne, australia. how sweet is their bathroom arrangement above?! read on for other ways I repurpose travel freebies...

virgin airlines gives business class passengers a set of pajamas in a drawstring bag. wear them on the plane - bring them home, wash them, and voila! you have a set of pjs for any overnight guests. these especially come in handy for the unplanned sleepover, say for example, if I over-serve my guests at girl's night in.

all airlines give passengers travel packs and I always keep them for house guests. I usually do use the toothbrush on the plane [you're welcome] but the rest of it, I don't always use since I typically travel with my own bag of favorites: earplugs, eyemask, headphones, cushy socks, and lipbalm. even if I use a lipbalm and toothbrush from the bag, it's easy to replace in the pack once i'm home. these little bags are great to have on hand for overnight guests!

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