Wednesday, March 4, 2015

cocktails at the southern gentleman

a college friend of mine has just moved to the ATL from the great state of texas and where better to take a newcomer than a super-southern watering hole on peachtree street? I asked around my office and was intrigued by a recommendation to the southern gentleman as I hadn't heard of it before. located in the new buckhead atlanta development, southern gentleman is slightly difficult to find but well worth the journey.

where to start... the ambiance is welcoming and fresh. the snack list was amazing - pimento cheese, corndogs, and vidalia onion + crab dip solidified southern gentleman as my kind of place. the cocktails were inspiring and difficult to choose between, I went with the scarlet belle - a champagne and strawberry-infused vodka drink. of course, there were others I wanted to try but I couldn't bring myself to switch since the scarlet belle was so delish. 

other tempting options include: southern gentleman's take on a moscow mule with absinthe and a unique focus on chartreuse- I'll for sure be back for more libations and snacks soon.

some photos via the southern gentleman facebook

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