Tuesday, March 10, 2015

brie en crute + blueberry lavender jam

I'm convinced that everyone loves brie. really, what's not to love about this super soft, delicious cheese... especially on a croissant with jam or wrapped in luscious puff pastry for brie en crute. I recently made this for my girl's night in and it was delicious as always!

brie en crute + blueberry lavender jam

-1 package of frozen puff pasty dough
-1 wheel of brie cheese
-kissel's blueberry lavender jam, or your jam of choice

1. heat oven to 350. spread one sheet of thawed puff pastry out on a cookie sheet.
2. unwrap the wheel of brie and use a knife to remove the outer layer of the brie.
3. place brie in center of puff pastry and wrap the pastry up over the cheese, bringing the excess pastry to the center and twisting to close at the top of the cheese wheel.
4. bake for 30 minutes. remove and let cool for a few minutes. top generously with jam and serve warm.

 slice off the outer 'skin' of the brie before wrapping in pastry dough

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