Friday, February 27, 2015

insanity max:30 workout review

the time has come, i'm almostttt finished with insanity max:30! since this is my second time to complete an insanity workout program, I wanted to write an advice post for anyone considering it. obviously, I'm not an expert and don't have any medical/health training so take it for what it is: my experience with both the insanity and insanity max:30 programs - advice, tips, expectations...

c/o of body excellence coach

1. first things first: the beachbody saying is decide.commit.succeed. it's real. you won't have success in the program if you're not dedicated to working out 5x a week for 2 months. it's just that simple. if you travel for work, you've got to bring the DVDs with you.

2. measure yourself on day 1. a few measurements you may want to take: largest part of your waist, smallest part of your waist, largest part of your thigh, and around your biceps if you want.

3. do not get discouraged after month 1 if you haven't lost much weight. your body is converting fat to muscle and later that muscle will burn more fat and calories. you've gotta get strong before you can start to shed pounds. bonus! you may continue to lose weight a few weeks after the program.

4. modify if you need to modify. I did. don't be surprised if your knees or back start to hurt. stretch and focus on form over speed. don't push your limits of pain. a modified workout is still a great workout!

5. choose off days wisely. I always choose mondays and fridays since the beginning and end of the work week are the most difficult days to squeeze in a workout. I never take weekends off since there's more free time to work out plus I'm typically eating/drinking more on these days and need to offset the intake.

6. get results! I lost 10 pounds the first time I did insanity... definitely worth it. it's too early to see exactly how much weight i've lost this time but I have already lost 1.5 inches! stick it out through its entirety for the ultimate reward.

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