Wednesday, February 25, 2015

spring cleaning // closet organization

recently I added a few investment pieces to my closet and that means a few pieces need to come out! I don't necessarily subscribe to 1 piece in = 1 piece out but I am starting to realize the pieces that I truly don't wear need to go in order to make room for more versatile or inspiring items and to free up space in my crammed closet.

don't worry... I'm keeping the cat

spring cleaning 101 // purge motivation
1. if it... hasn't been worn in the past year, it goes. unless there's some valid sentimental reason. it's just taking up space and makes getting dressed all the more complicated. 

2. if it... needs to be altered and you'd rather buy something new than spend the money for alterations, it goes. [this coat would be perfect if it didn't have bell sleeves; however, the cost to alter the sleeves equals or exceeds the cost of a new coat. adios bell sleeve coat!]
3. if it... doesn't fit, it goes. exception: basic denim. I do have a few pairs of jeans that are slightly small and slightly large to accommodate for fluctuations ;)

4. if it... fits, but you don't feel comfortable wearing it due to poor quality or unflattering silhouette, it goes. [jersey knit strapless dresses from the juniors department... I like to think i've moved on to bigger and better things]

5. if it's... super trendy and you have several iterations, most of them go. [hellooo ombre colored ankle pants in red and purple. if you can't part with all, keep one and let the rest go]

a method to the madness

maximize > colorize your closet
before: my closet was organized by color // white, ROYGBIV, black
after: I always wear black so I moved those pieces to the front // black, white, ROYGBIV, casual tops. I rarely wear casual tops, so I pulled them out of their color section and moved them to the back. makes weekend dressing easier too.
order by silhouette within color groups // black tops: tanks, short sleeves, long sleeves, sweaters. this way tanks don't get lost in a sea of black.

and remember...
a good tailor can work wonders

take winter shoes in for polishing/repairs so they can be stored and ready for next year!

donate unwanted, clean items to your local goodwill or salvation army

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