Saturday, February 7, 2015

atlanta's top 5 mexican restaurants

I had the idea for this post while working out. go figure... while busting my booty doing insanity max:30, I'm dreaming of mexican food. I once read, "in texas after working out, we don't reach for powerade. we quench our thirst with a big ol' margarita." blame it on those texas roots.

I should preface this topic by saying I'm pretty choosy when it comes to mexican food, while the ambiance doesn't have to be out of this world - the food better be! so after years of exploring, here are my top places for mexican food in atlanta. you'll notice I left at least one wildly 'popular' place off this list... just remember the kindergarten adage 'what is popular is not always right and what is right is not always popular.' all joking aside, I've done a lot of 'research' in this topic. now read up and enjoy!

1. mi cocina midtown (from texas! order a mambo taxi [above] and thank me later + brisket chimichanga or nachos)

2. el taco virgina highlands (frozen mojitos and enchiladas)

3. la hacienda midtown (tableside guac + outdoor deck)

4. taqueria del sol three atlanta locations (quick mexican... brisket and fish tacos are outstanding, margs are average)

5. cinco sandy springs (good margs + fantastic upstairs patio)

all photos from mi cocina facebook

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