Saturday, January 31, 2015

top 10 parisian souvenirs

ahhh there's nothing quite like paris. always the same, yet always refreshing... such a beautiful and special city.

I've made several trips to paris over the past few years, and I've definitely solidified my souvenir shopping list. even though my shopping time has typically been limited, I'm a self-proclaimed expert souvenir-ist. I love cultivating items from around the world and picking up small gifts while traveling.

without further ado, here's my list of top ten souvenirs to bring back from paris. happy shopping!

1. french wine (easily purchased at monoprix, variety of price points)
2. macarons (get them at the laduree airport shop on the way back for max freshness)
3. olive oil from oliviers and co.
4. absinthe, I bought mine from the airport shop but you can buy it at local shops as well
5. books from shakespeare and co bookstore (ask them to stamp the inside)
6. mathilde m. perfumed decor items. this is a unique must-stop shop!
7. roger et gallet soaps and perfumes from monoprix (makes a great gift!)
8. herbs de provence
9. le petit marseillais lip balm
10. a rosary from the notre dame cathedral gift shop

what do you love to bring back from paris, did I miss anything? too bad croissants don't pack well :)


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