Saturday, January 10, 2015

nordstrom tomato pesto jam jar

a few weeks ago, my sisters and mom went to nordstrom without me. I assured myself they were buying christmas presents for me. most likely not true. anyway, they were raving about this tomato pesto jam jar from the restaurant at nordstrom called ruscello. somehow my mom got the recipe on the spot - made it for christmas eve and turned it into the most adorable christmas present for us: a little box of tomato basil jam, pesto, and a mason jar for serving.

I finally got to try the original at nordstrom with my mom. every bit as delicious and pretty as when she served it at home! the tomato pesto jam jar has now become a staple in my hors d'oeuvres line up since it takes no time at all to whip up and can be refrigerated ahead of time.

nordstrom tomato pesto jam jar
-2 oz. ricotta cheese
-sea salt
-1 oz. pesto
-2 oz. tomato basil jam, try miss violet's from szarek farms in new york
-french bread rounds, grilled or broiled with butter on top (publix will slice any french bread loaf you buy)

1. in a mason jar, add ricotta to the bottom as the first layer. add pinch of sea salt on top.

2. add pesto and a pinch of sea salt for the second layer.

3. top with tomato basil jam and a pinch of sea salt for final layer.

4. serve with french bread rounds and a spoon.

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