Saturday, January 31, 2015

jan book club: wild by cheryl strayed

this month, we did a special mother/daughter book + movie club. my mom loved wild by cheryl strayed and loaned me her copy. I tried my hardest to read it before leaving for paris, but couldn't finish it. of course, I finished the book on the tarmac before even taking off... I just couldn't find those 20 extra minutes at home. as soon as I got back, my mom and I went to see it in theatres which was really fun! (ahem, and sad).

this book made me cry and so did the movie. it's hard to think about losing your mother and especially hard to watch a movie stemming from this reality with your mother right next to you. strayed takes you on such an emotional journey filled with pain, at times it is hard to stay along with her because it is not pleasant. this is where the true value of the book lies because while it is not pleasant, it is raw and honest. and sometimes those realities can be better than pleasantries.
while i'm not personally interested in hiking - it was almost like a part of me was partaking in this hike along with strayed: rooting for her to conquer the expedition, endure the necessary self reflection, and gain the forgiveness and softness that she deserved to give herself. the best part for me was the ending of the movie, as strayed comes full circle and shares where the years after the book take her personally. of course, I won't give it away! prolonged suffering and eventual profound happiness... both wrapped up in this little package of a book.

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