Sunday, January 4, 2015

hello houston! a tribute to texas fast food

we spent the weekend in houston for a wedding and I also got to catch up with my college friends for lunch at el tiempo. all in all, it was a great way to spend the last weekend of our holiday break. happy january!

of all the wonderful things about texas, it dawned on me that one thing you don't necessarily realize as a texas resident is that your state is a fast food beacon. the options are endless yet easily taken for granted - as a texas native, I didn't eat much fast food. now, a stop at whataburger is a requirement for every texas trip of mine. so without further ado - here's a list of fast food 'musts' if you find yourself in texas. xo, lam

tough decisions at shipley's

whataburger spicy ketchup - you can also buy whataburger sauces at texas grocer HEB

texas fast food must-eats:

whataburger (spicy ketchup! open 24 hours)
shipley's donuts
rudy's texas bbq (custom breakfast tacos)
taco bueno
torchy's tacos
taco cabana (margs on the menu! open 24 hours)
blue baker (college station and austin)
james coney island (hot dogs)
freebird's burritos (also in california)

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