Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 resolutions + holiday break recap

I've been thinking about my new year's resolutions over the past few days, trying to nail down exactly what my goals should be against the vague ideas already in my head. I knew what things I wanted to focus on (health, money, etc)... but what goals do I want to achieve, what progress do I want to make in 2015? so here's what I've come up with: 

source: lettersfromatoz

-finish the insanity max program (I'm already an insanity graduate but I need another tune up!)
-eat less processed foods, cook with more whole foods

personal development:
-brush up on my spanish skills in preparation for an upcoming trip in april
-read 1 book a month
-work on my personal "zen" 

-be more present in the moment with friends/family
-be a great support to my best friend getting married in october

-reduce frivolous spending and save for something meaningful (a bike, a house, a new couch?)

I've also been reflecting on what I was proud to accomplish in 2014. last year, I traveled to indonesia, australia, and the UAE for the first time. I forced myself to join a yoga studio (the only yoga I'd done previously was one elective in college) and I finally started blogging after years of thinking about it. professionally, I did some pretty neat things but I'll spare you the details for now. I enrolled in a health savings account to save money in 2015. it turns out, 2014 was a pretty great year - and I have a feeling 2015 will be even better. 

to close out the year, I thought I'd run through some of the fun things we did over our two week holiday break. we stayed busy with family and friends in florida, georgia, and texas! here's a quick recap of holiday break:

topgolf atlanta

biked and beached it in key west with my love and his family
spent christmas relaxing with my fam
birthday party and bowling with my sisters
finally checked out painted pin (newest bowling/game bar in atlanta)
took our dog to play at piedmont park
topgolf with friends
rang in the new year with lots of friends and champagne
binged on yummy food in houston and visited college friends

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