Friday, November 28, 2014

setting the thanksgiving table

this thanksgiving, we had thirteen people over to my parents home to celebrate. we served our usual menu highlights: twice baked potatoes, brown sugar carrots, sweet potatoes, creamed corn, broccoli salad and turkey from the alford family. dessert options included pumpkin cheesecake, carrot cake, chocolate chess pie, and strawberry rhubarb pie. I also tried a new punch this year - which was delicious, served in my grandparents' vintage champagne glasses for an added touch... try it here: pomegranate champagne punch

I hope everyone had a nice and relaxing thanksgiving this year - so many reasons to be thankful. I love floral accents and below I'll detail how I made the tablescape, it was so impactful for the amount of money I spent (less than $50 total!). 

a few words of wisdom... if you plan to use a grocery florist, don't procrastinate. I bought the flowers several days in advance and had to ask the florist to "look in the back" as they were totally out of white hydrangeas. also, be flexible. I originally only wanted white hydrangeas - since that was impossible due to selection, I improvised by adding green blooms and it turned out even better. lastly, remember to keep thanksgiving separate from christmas if it's important to your family. I wanted to succumb to the numerous fir garlands which would have been so much easier, but finding the boxwoods at home depot was the icing on the cake. in my family - we don't start to celebrate christmas until after thanksgiving, so that detail is quite important! 

 boxwood + hydrangea table runner

supplies (made 5 arrangements):
boxwood branches, home depot - be sure to get clusters that are curved rather than super straight
6 hydrangea blooms in each color - white and green (kroger)
1 or 2 accent floral bouquets to mix
5 round vases (I found mine at the dollar store)
taper candles and candlesticks

-remove all stickers from the vases - trim all florals, under running water, to correct length of the vases.
-fill all vases with water and floral food that comes with the bouquets. place approx. 3 hydrangea blooms in each vase. use bands (like the wire ties that come from the grocery store) or clear tape to arrange so the booms are stable in each vase.
-this is where you can get creative, arrange the accent blooms between hydrangeas in clusters.
-meanwhile, arrange each boxwood branch to create a curved table runner.
-place the floral arrangements within the curves of the boxwoods. use candles as accents.

come one, come all!

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  1. Beautiful table!! I love the invites with the football game times! When we get together now everyone is on their phone and talking about which sale to get to after the meal! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!