Wednesday, December 17, 2014

small surprises - coworker gifts 2015

something about the holidays makes me want to spread cheer to those I'm thankful for in the office. every year, the gift list gets longer and finding a cost effective, semi-easy, and unique gift gets slightly more difficult. some sweet treats circulating my office this year:

mini-bags of red lindt truffles
treat bags of peppermint cookies
homemade peppermint bark

all fun and delicious ideas! last year, I gifted mini pretzels dipped in chocolate and sprinkles in mason jars. while they were adorable, they definitely were a labor of love in the kitchen. this year, I bought small red apple pie scented candles - removed the labels and replaced them with custom holiday labels from tinyprints. they were a hit!

mini dipped pretzels in mason jars

long rod pretzels, chocolate bark, white chocolate bark, sprinkles, small mason jars, tulle for ribbons

-break long pretzel rods in half and spread wax paper on the counter.
-pour sprinkles into bowls in order to dip the pretzels.
-melt bark until liquid-y smooth. dip one end of each rod into the melted chocolate until halfway covered (don't be stingy with the good stuff!), immediately dip the chocolate-covered end into the sprinkle bowls.
-be sure to dip the broken end of the halved pretzels into the chocolate so the ends look nice once you're all finished.
-lay flat on wax paper and let dry for three hours.
-once dry, carefully arrange about 5 mini pretzels into each mason jar. seal jars and use tulle around the top for an added touch!

mini apple pie candles


mini candles from the dollar store, tulle

-buy up all the candles at the dollar store!
-order stickers online, I used or you can print your own adhesive round labels designed to your liking.
-remove original candle stickers and replace with your custom sticker.
-wrap a small knot of tulle around the top of the jar and voila! you're done.

I have to admit, this was so time efficient in the midst of a busy holiday season. these would also make beautiful shower favors with different stickers in the spring time... ahh the possibilities. not to mention, you have to love a good dollar store find.


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