Saturday, December 27, 2014

moscow mule

after spending most of the day running errands and exchanging sizes on christmas gifts, etc... one can really work up an appetite for a cocktail. my sweet boyfriend gifted me moscow mule copper mugs for christmas and it's prime time to break them in! moscow mules were all the rage this year, with almost every restaurant adding this cocktail to their menu... I mean, they're everywhere. oh and those napkins... we scooped them up at target today for only $1.

-1/4 c. vodka
-1/2 c. chilled ginger beer, try reed's brand
-1/2 T fresh lime juice
-lime wedge

pour all ingredients in your copper mug (or tall glass) and stir. add ice and garnish with lime wedge. feel free to play around with the level of lime juice you like. for reference, one full bottle of ginger beer makes enough for approximately three moscow mules.

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