Thursday, August 14, 2014

jakarta, indonesia

last year, I traveled to the philippines, singapore, and malaysia and didn't make it to indonesia (so close right!). I finally made it to jakarta this year before hitting australia for the first time afterward. 

there's a large islamic influence in jakarta with prayers over the loud speakers in the city. there was a mosque at the base of my hotel and also a booming loud nightclub, which combined made for quite a 24/7 buzzing experience. the people were all very nice and the malls were pristine. we had a beautiful press event and my first trip to jakarta was a success. we closed out the trip by visiting an asian reflexology spa just before my flight. I'd never had reflexology before and now I'm quite a fan!

en route from south korea to jakarta

the view from my hotel gym - nightclub to the left and mosque in the center

indonesian desserts at tesate plaza senayan - mango, coconut, and chocolate crepe-like treats with coconut ice cream, called serabi solo

press event at palalada

I picked up a couple of gifts for my family including batik print items - a shirt for my dad, a scarf for my mom, soaps from bali, and sumatran coffee from a local market. while shopping in the local market, I learned about kopi luwak coffee. in summary, the coffee beans are harvested through the feces of the asian palm civet cat. proponents argue the coffee is supreme due to selection and digestion - because the cat selected the beans [assuming in the wild], it means they are best beans in the environment and the cat's digestion process then enhances the beans through fermentation. apparently this coffee is all the rage and quite extravagant, I passed on my opportunity to try this delicacy. 

batik fashion - read about the culture of batik here
photo c/o jakarta post

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