Friday, December 26, 2014

repurposing holiday centerpieces

christmas came and went, and it was a beautiful day for our family! we exchanged lots of presents and ate too much food... I definitely overdosed on brisket and macaroni and cheese. the good news is that we did get some cardio in as a family ;)

I enjoy bringing fresh flowers to our family get-togethers and usually leave them behind for my parents. this time, I got to take the arrangements home and did a little floral refresh to mix it up. 

how to easily whip up table arrangements: get resourceful at your local grocery store florist with a pre-made bouquet, mine featured silver chrysanthemum-type blooms, roses, hydrangeas, and greenery. also pick one or two small accent bouquets to mix in to your arrangements. I chose red for christmas.

add christmas china and taper candles for the big day and voila!

day after christmas // floral refresh

since I didn't want to travel home with full vases of water and flowers, I dumped the water and gently placed the blooms into a plastic bag for the short trek home. once home, I immediately started arranging (since the blooms were not yet in water) from scratch to make three different arrangements.

the first bouquet is for my kitchen, it's similar to the original arrangements, sans the white carnations since they're not my favorite. for the second arrangement, I plucked some of the small white roses and chose some greenery for a tall, slender vase to place on my living room shelves. lastly, I arranged the remaining red blooms into a short, round vase as a simple pop of color for the bathroom. get creative and have fun with the vases you have, choose varying shapes and heights. xo, lam

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