Friday, April 11, 2014

adult easter egg hunt

there's a lot of nostalgia for me around easter since we are all grown 'kids' now but none of us have kids of our own yet. easter egg hunts were so much fun growing up, even with a little bit of healthy competition!

since we had company joining us for easter this year, I wanted to plan some fun activities to get everyone up and mingling outside to enjoy a beautiful spring day. I love the winter holidays like thanksgiving and christmas, sitting around a fire or the christmas tree indoors - but there's something about spring holidays that leaves everyone invigorated for the warmth and promise of summer to come. an adult easter egg hunt is the perfect way to welcome and entertain your guests and family members, as well as the perfect way to celebrate the spring season.

since we had 10 people participating in our hunt, everyone was assigned a color - they could only pick up their specified-color eggs. I originally did color coding because we had a few under-21 folks and didn't want them to accidentally get an egg with a mini bottle of liquor. color coding actually made the hunt more challenging and fun, and helped to make the hunt last longer - I would now say that color coding for an adult hunt is a must.

I scooped up tons of colored eggs in bulk from target (around 12 eggs per person, 1 color per person), and the baskets and grass filler came from the dollar tree. you can save so much money if you are smart about buying certain things at the dollar tree in advance especially for an event like this- for example the baskets and filler were great quality; however, the plastic eggs were not. be selective, shop early, and you'll end up with a great high-low mix of seasonal items.

we also set up corn hole in the backyard - all in all, it was an enjoyable day outside and was really fun to watch adults scrambling around the backyard to find their eggs! wondering what to fill your
eggs with? 

1. mini bottles of specialty liquor (everyone got two)
these were too large for the eggs, I tied the liquor and the egg inside of a plastic sandwich bag
2. lottery scratch-offs
3. starbuck's individual iced coffee
4. small flower seed packets from the dollar tree 
5. neon tennis racket grips
6. emi jay hair ties for the girls
7. golf balls and tees
8. mini OPI nail polish
of course, candy (if your hunt will take place during high temps, be weary of chocolate)

ready, set... hunt!

the boys hunting for their eggs in their easter best


everyone loves corn hole on a beautiful day

start stuffing those eggs ahead of time - don't procrastinate! I think I stuffed over 120 eggs for this hunt, definitely over the span of a few days. my advice is to add a cocktail while stuffing... note the margarita to my right. also, a reminder not to put anything too valuable in your eggs as some may not be found during the hunt. putting on an adult easter egg hunt takes quite a bit of effort, but it was really worth it!

are you planning an adult easter egg hunt? be sure to tell me how it goes!


  1. I have been wanting to do an adult Easter egg hunt since college... I've got 9 days but I think this may be the year! Loved this post.

    1. you have to do it - 9 days is plenty of time :) I actually just found one of these old eggs in our bushes, two years later. such good memories!

  2. I am getting ready for mine, so excited. Experience has shown me assigning a color to each person or couple helps share the wealth so to speak. That way I know everyone has a shot at the cooler stuff. Gift cards that are too big to fit in the egg have a note in the egg good for exchange for the gift card or other valuable item. We had a snake 2 different years show up looking for eggs so if you are rural keep that in mind. I hope to hide one GOLDEN egg with a really cool prize for 1 lucky person to find. Starbucks, Steak N Shake, Publix, Dunkin doughnuts, I am always open to stuffer ideas

    1. I love the idea of putting a note in the eggs to represent gift cards. that's great! and the golden egg is a must!