Tuesday, October 29, 2013

asian immersion: kuala lumpur, malaysia

part three of my whirlwind asia trip was kuala lumpur, malaysia. I had a brief moment of panic as I exited the airport... malaysia does not issue customs documentations as all the other places I'd been did. usually, those customs declarations are required for exit of the country. my first twenty minutes in malaysia were spent freaking out about whether I'd be able to leave the country without this paperwork! good times.

when I first landed in malaysia, I noticed a large group of muslims praying in the airport at the gate without their shoes on. malaysia was my very first visit to a largely muslim-populated country, I soaked it all in quickly and probably stuck out like a sore thumb with my blonde hair and western apparel. the other majority of the malaysian population is chinese and it just so happened to be the indian festival of lights, deepavali, during my trip as well.

petronas twin towers

 deepvali decor at pavilion mall

these beautiful sculptures are made of hand-painted granules of rice!

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