Monday, January 21, 2013

brazil part 2: salvador

after enjoying the beaches of rio, our group headed to salvador next. the rio airport was an experience in itself - not much english language was spoken or displayed, we could've easily missed our flight due to gate change communicated in portuguese language only! the sights continued to be beautiful in salvador, especially the beaches and igreja de nosso senhor do bonfim - the most famous catholic church in the state of bahia.

farol de barra - barra lighthouse

traditional brazilian dish, bobo de camarao
photo and recipe c/o namu

igreja de nosso senhor do bonfim - famous catholic church in salvador

festive bonfim ribbons adorn the gates of the church. each color band signifies a unique meaning - tie three knots in the band and let it fall off naturally, be it from your wrist, ankle, or your handbag. learn more about these "bahia bands", how to wear them and what each color signifies.

unexpectedly color-coordinated

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